We have created a new generation of the distributed ledger technology (DLT) based on DAG which best serves the business needs in decentralised world. It has complete eco system with full range of tools to support any project.
Obyte is the DLT evolution pinnacle
Centralized ledger
Why Obyte
01 Disintermediated and more censorship resistant.
DAG/Obyte is more disintermediated and more censorship resistant than blockchains. No block producers - means no middlemen who decide which Transactions to process first and who will wait until the next block. It is critical in times of high volatility. You can be late for the winning game and losses must be covered by the application provider. Ethereum has a small number of block producers: 2 pools control over 50% of total hashpower!!! If they don't take it for processing, your transaction won't exist.
02 Predictable cost of transactions.
Obyte ensures predictable cost of transactions. In times of high demand, the cost of the transaction on a Blockchain can exceed the value of the transaction. Which can put the business model at high risk. Obyte's transaction fees are minimal and predictable.
03 Higher throughput more speed.
DAG/Obyte is characterised by higher throughput more speed. The design and structure of DAGs are designed to scale easily, unlike blockchains which congest and causes bottlenecks when TX volume suddenly grows.
04 Decentralised DLT.
Obyte is a decentralised DLT. It is important to eliminate the risk factor of being dependent on 3rd parties. Many organisations claim decentralisation which is in fact only a future plan or intention to develop. Obyte is fully decentralised that means no gatekeepers.
05 DLT evolution pinnacle.
Obyte is DLT evolution pinnacle. Obyte represents a new stage in DLT evolution. It went one step higher from Bitcoin and Ethereum, when eliminated gatekeepers - in other words, from few gatekeeper to zero gatekeepers.
06 Deterministic finality.
Deterministic finality is key advantage of Obyte. To many real world use cases, knowing that a transaction is final is extremely important. Blockchains suffer from potential rollbacks, suddenly rendering completed transactions invalid. In a DAG establishing perfect order among all transactions allows for deterministic finality. Once a transaction is final, it really is final.
Eco System
Pollo Pollo
PolloPollo is a fully decentralized charitable platform using Distributed Ledger Technology.
It brings donors, applicants and providers of physical products together. More...
A new kind of stablecoins called Bonded Stablecoins take a different approach which is based on bonding curves. The general idea behind bonding curves is to allow minting of some new token in exchange for a reserve asset, with minting happening strictly according to a mathematical formula -- a curve -- that connects the total supply of the token issued and the total amount of the reserve deposited to back the issue. More...
AufortGold's eCommerce solution for investment is based on Obyte Direct Acyclic Graph (DAG) technology. The use of DAG provides Aufort with additional opportunities to link new products and services. Gold is stored on behalf of the customer in secure vaults based in Austria and Estonia and can be resold at the current global market price or conveniently withdrawn as a gold bar. More...
When choosing the right DLT for their business application, the business owners entrust their money and opportunities to the platform which will define future risks of the project. Therefore, business owners need to understand complete list of cons and pros of the technology before choosing it as a tech foundation . We think that there are 3 crucial points which are to be taken into consideration:
predictable low cost of transaction along with scalability
absence of gatekeepers
White Paper
Steve Safronoff